What the Basque Country has to offer


Walking Man

I felt a certain empathy with this cold but determined pilgrim I met on my way today. Yesterday’s crisp sunshine had inspired me to take to the hills.  It had therefore been a brisk surprise on opening the front door this morning to face a blizzard.  So, with something of the stoicism of the walking […]

Ibaialde Ikastola, Sartaguda, Navarra

Following a night of bad craziness in El Valle de Baztan (See previous entry) I found myself on the road once again.  This time we travelled from the north of Navarra were things are profoundly Basque to the town of Sartaguda in the south where the tradition of speaking Basque (Euskera) is not quite so […]


Gizakunde is a festival which takes place in  the small village of Arizkun in the north of Navarra.  It is to some extent a rehearsal for the Carnival Festival that will be celebrated on 16th of this month.  The tradition pre dates Christianity and involves several different characters who form a procession and walk from […]


More photos here Falconry (Spanish Cetrería) At Bizipozatours we are interested in connecting you with the unusual.  Here we visited a local Falconry group. Falconry is a very particular art requiring a tight partnership between man, bird and on occasion, dog.  It is certainly not open to large groups of people but then our tours […]

La Feria de San Blas

Making Talos. La Feria de San Blas Some photos of The Ferria de San Blas which I took last weekend in Laudio.  Be warned they are not for the faint hearted.  While I am not a strict vegetarian I at least try to buy meat that has come from “happy” animals.  I can’t Vouch for […]

Life In A Day

Life In A Day is a historic film capturing for future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. Executive produced by Ridley Scott … [youtube][/youtube]

Ruta en bici por el Camino de Santiago a su paso por Haro

Video footage of a variation of The Camino de Santiago which passes through La Rioja and Haro. Ruta en bici por el Camino de Santiago a su paso por Haro – Vídeos de – Recorremos el Camino de Santiago en su vertiente vasca. Comenzamos el circuito cerca de los Riscos de Bilibio y lo […]

Txalaparta Maratoia, Vitoria Gasteiz

The Txalaparta is a curious percussion instrument played by two people.  It is thought to be extremely ancient.  The playing of the txalaparta in the Basque country had all but died out by the 1950’s but in recent years it has enjoyed a revival and has evolved considerably.  The most typical instruments comprise wooden (oak) […]