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Walking Man

I felt a certain empathy with this cold but determined pilgrim I met on my way today.

Yesterday’s crisp sunshine had inspired me to take to the hills.  It had therefore been a brisk surprise on opening the front door this morning to face a blizzard.  So, with something of the stoicism of the walking man in the photo I shouldered into the storm.

It was an unrelenting -4ºC all day.  Actually really agreeable for walking with a good set of thermals.  It did snow quite a bit but in between times there were moments of clarity.  And as is often the way with days such as these there was plenty of adventure to be found along the way. (you’ll find more photos here)

These are “Las Gargantas de Musito” (the throat of Musitu).  I’d estimate it’s about an 8km walk along this dark canyon.  Following the river to its source at “El Salto del Igoroin“, a spectacular cascade.  The forest is mixed beach and oak and home to a great variety of wildlife.


My route took me into a bejewelled treasure trove





And out onto the high plateau near Onraita the highest village in Alava at 1000m.





The Buitre Leonardo (Griffonn Vulture) abounds in these parts but I never tire of seeing them.




I did get tired of the cold though and it was good to get back to a log fire and a cup of tea  (More Photos Here)

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