Bizipozatours was founded in 2009 by Phil Miller with the aim of connecting visitors to The Basque Country, its culture and nature.


Bizipoza is a Basque word meaning “alegría de vivir”, “happiness of living” or “joie de vivre”. I am extremely lucky to live here with my donkeys Momo, Django and Matheu and it really is an enormous pleasure to be able to share this “joie de vivre” with you and facilitate your experience of the place.


I offer you the opportunity to connect with nature, expand your horizons, and learn new things. I believe passionately, that this potential should be available to everyone and that it is less about money and more about sharing.


I was born in Edinburgh and I was awarded a Ph.D in microbiology from the University of Aberdeen 1993. Through my interest in the natural world and mountaineering I have travelled and lived in many remote places; Arctic Norway, the alps, Peru, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, India and Portugal.

In 1999 I fell in love with Euskal Herria and have lived in the small village of Leorza ever since. My knowledge of this country is profound, understand the subtler aspects of its culture and act as a bridge between cultures ensuring that you extract the maximum from your time here.

In Leorza I manage an organic garden, keep bees and look after a bunch of raskley donkeys called Momo, Django and Matheu with whom we explore the surrounding forest and mountains.

Living in this way is considerable work and would be impossible without the help of volunteers who contribute their enthusiasm and skills.

Here we have the ingredients for grand adventures. Where would you like your adventure to begin?


The Donkey Zone

I am a big fan of anything that facilitates back country travel with a minimum of disturbance and certainly no engine. Canoes, Nordic skis, mountain bike and sail boat are all firm favourites. They all facilitate your flow through an environment. Donkeys facilitate this flow too and enable us to drift unobtrusively over hill and […]

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

There seems to be a universal appeal to the notion of living more simply, closer to nature and its rhythms. The sense that that these days we all live in a swirling maelstrom of information, complexity and disquiet seems to be quite universal amongst citizens of the so called “developed” world. There is a notion […]