Times are tight and if you’re waiting for a handout to launch your next big project you’d better not hold your breath.  Better to just get on with it and do it anyway.  That seems to be the spirit that lies behind Atauri Art.

This event, organised by Bapatean Zirko who are based in Atauri,  along with the help of Atauri’s Junta Administrativa and Arratiandi Cultural-Association brought together eight extraordinary acts over three days.  The event was not publicly funded and all acts volunteered their services.

Events kicked of with Los Pardos a hilarious and highly original double act mixing clowning and improvisational music to remind us that really, nothing is as it appears…

Odei of Bapatean Zirko takes an eccentric look at domestic life in “Tenderete”





Full of surprises






The crowd went wild!





Atauri art concluded with a bold, thought provoking and darkly comic stroll in “King Kong Theory”.  This monologue by the controversial feminist author Virginie Despentes begins;

“I speak as an ugly one for the ugly ones: the old hags, the dykes, the frigid, the unfucked, the unfuckable, the neurotics, the psychos, for all those girls that don’t get a look-in in the universal market of the consumable chick.”









Que Guapa!

La Chica King Kong with her entourage of caged Barbie Dolls.


More Photos here

For a wee village with a population of around twelve Atauri Art kicked ass!

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