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Cost of accomodation is not included in our tours.  We can, however, put you in touch with the very best in accommodation.  We especially recommend Guikuri and Altzuste both of which give access to the emblematic Gorbea Mountain, Bilbao, Donostia (San Sebastian) and the Basque Coast. Or, Usategieta giving access to Izki National Park, La Rioja and Navarra.

These Agroturismos are former Basque farm houses or Baserias which have been painstakingly restored by their owners. They offer an extraordinary high standard of accommodation.  Guikuri is of particular interest owing to their investment in renewable energy.  They derive 100% of their heating needs (including the Spa!) from Geothermal energy and sustainable wood cutting.

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A journey with donkeys

Thanks to “airbnb” I enjoy a steady current of itinerant travellers who stop for a while in my house and tell me their tales of travel and adventure. I get all sorts of folk, from all corners of the globe. Solo, couple and families with kids. They are all without exception, good people. They almost […]

Becoming a donkey owner

  Me and Mr Momo I live in a place where believe it or not, donkeys frequently crop up in conversations. People in bars talk of donkeys seeking homes much as folk in other parts try to find homes for litters of kittens. In this way some friends who live in a nearby village got […]